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Giving Lorry Bowsers

Giving Lorry bowsers to drought affected areas

E-Swabhimani Award for Sahana DMS

E-Swabhimani Award for Sahana DMS

China - Sri Lanka Friendship Village

60 Housing units are being build in aranayake for landslide affected with the chinese government grant of USD 1.5 million
District Relief Progress Beneficiaries and the progress of providing dry rat...
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National Disaster Relief Services Centre

Contribution of NDRSC

National Disaster Relief Services Centre...

National Disaster Management Centre was established in 1996 under the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare. It came under the Ministry of Disaster Relief Services by the extra ordinary gazette notification No: 1422/22, dated 08/12/2005, in order to plan and implement relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities.

It was transferred to the Ministry of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services with renaming as National Disaster Relief Services Center (NDRSC), by the Gazette Notification No: 1482/9 dated 09/01/2007. It functions under the Ministry of Disaster Management with effect from30/04/2010 with the gazette notification No: 1651/20.