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Provided dry rations to families whose agricultural activities were affected due to the drought

In terms of the circular No. NDRSC/2017/01 dated 02.08.2017 issued under the decision taken on the Cabinet Memorandum presented by H.E. the President in order to ensure the protection of the living condition of the agricultural families and agricultural labourers who have been affected by the drought, dry rations worth Rs. 4,000 per month, i.e. Rs. 2,000/- for each two-week period, was provided to families with less than three members, and dry rations worth Rs. 5,000 per month, i.e. Rs. 2,500/- for each two-week period, was provided to families with three or more than three members.

Four installments of this dry-ration assistance were provided to the recipients since August. A sum of Rs. 3.4 million is spent on providing this assistance. Provisions amounting to Rs. 6,500 million were granted by the Ministry of Finance for this programme, and as at 31.12.2017, provisions amounting to Rs. 6,246 million were distributed among 19 districts to provide the four installments of this assistance. An amount of Rs. 5,187 million is reported to have been spent on this programme by 31.12.2017.

Construction of disaster resilient house for relocation of people in disaster-prone areas

Approval was obtained through cabinet paper No. අමප/17/1216/715/017 dated 27.06.2017 to remove 15,025 families living in high risk landslide zones that have been identified as at 31.02.2017 by the National Building Research Organization and to relocate those families in safe areas.

Accordingly, in order to minimize loss of lives caused by landslides, resettling of families living in high risk zones in alternative lands is done under the supervision of the District Secretary with the following three options, and the required funds and the necessary guidance are provided by the National Disaster Relief Services Centre:

  • providing a sum of Rs. 1.6 million for the purchase of a land with a house;
  • for the purchase of a land and construction of a house, providing a sum of Rs. 0.4 million for the land and 1.2 million for the construction of the house; and
  • providing a sum of Rs. 1.2 million for the construction of a house in a state land.

The number of houses located in high risk zones as identified by the National Building Research Organization as at 31.05.2017 is shown in the following table.


No. of houses faced with high risk























District Secretaries have been provided with required financial provisions as follows for commencing the programme to relocate the people living in high risk disaster zones. Identification of suitable lands for relocating families, surveying of such lands, partitioning those lands and distributing them among the beneficiaries are being done at present by the District Secretaries.

Food for Work Programme - 2017

“Food for Work” programme is implemented with the participation of the members of families affected by the disaster situation in order to protect the livelihoods of the families who are engaged in agricultural activities (such as cultivations, animal husbandry, fresh water fishing) for which the drought assistance for cultivations is not provided and could not do their agricultural activities as their cultivations were destroyed or abandoned since adequate water was not available due to the extremely dry weather condition. Under this programme development activities that can be implemented using more labour were implemented in the areas where there was very dry weather and each of the families that participated in those activities were provided with 50 kg of rice.

A stock of 10,000 metric tons of rice was received from the Government of Pakistan, 100 metric tons of rice was received from the Government of India, and 2,752 metric tons of rice was received from the Government of China, and altogether 11,966.75 metric tons of rice were distributed among 267,506 families – 50 kg for each family – in the districts of Moneragala, Anuradhapura, Puttalam, Kurunegala, Mannar, Vavuniya, Jaffna, Mullativu, and Killinochchi.

Construction of Sri Lanka China Friendship Village

Government of Sri Lanka received financial assistance as well as material assistance for providing relief to the people who were affected by the disaster situation that occurred in a number of districts in May 2016, and construction work of 60 houses has been completed utilizing the funds amounting to $1.5 million that were received from China. It has been planned to hand over those houses to the beneficiaries in January 2018.

Oman funded Disaster Resilient Housing Scheme - 2014

Oman Housing Beneficiary Details - 2014

The Government of Sultanate of Oman had granted US Dollars 72,500,000 to build disaster resilient houses in disaster prone areas in each districts, Sri Lanka. 144 houses have successfully completed in 24 Districts as 6 houses per District.

Rain Water Harvesting Project

NDRSC implemented construction of rain water harvesting tanks programme to mitigate drought impacts to provide safe drinking water in selected four drought prone divisional secretariats such as Mihinthale, Thirappane, Rambewa, Medawachchiya in Anuradhapura District. Rs. 6 Mn., have been allocated for this project and 98 families have been benefitted. It has been completed and commissioned along with Dayata Kirulla - 2012.

Distribution and Training of Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation System

NDRSC distributed Sprinkler Water System, donated by the Chinese Government for the benefit of farmers living in drought prone areas. 222 farmer’s Organizations island wide have been benefited. It has been implemented along with the Safety Day, Dayata Kirulla- 2010 and district relief distribution events chaired by the Hon. Minister of Disaster Management Mahinda Amaraweera. Farmer Organizations in Ampara, Batticaloa, Rathnapura, Hambanthota, Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Matara, Monaragala, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa, Mannar, Mullaitivu, Jaffna, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi, Trincomalee and Matale districts have been distributed Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Systems. Relevant beneficiaries also have been trained on the usage of the irrigation systems.

Simulation and Camp Management Training Programme in Ohiya (Badulla) - 2014.08.06/07/08

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